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@l_khaisin : My Unique Experience in TICINO PARIS

Hi, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! If you have no idea what kind of gift for your love ones yet, please look at my uniquely experience of personalized tour of ‘Scents’ at TICINO PARIS – the luxury perfume bar concept. After they getting to know my lifestyle & preference, and recommended to me, I finally picked myself with one of their best seller – Charisma Intensive, which is featuring Freesia flower from South Africa, a feminine yet sweet fragrance.  

New Launch Perfume

CEDAR eau de parfum uniquely formulated by the scents of Lebanon cedar wood that express the alchemy power of the elements. CEDAR’s top notes featuring freshly orange blossom and grapefruits, middle notes with spicy pepper while base notes with secrecy scents of the Lebanon cedar wood.

Profile : Woody
Sillage : Moderate
Gender : Unisex
Character : Secrecy feels

Award-Winning Company

Platinum Business Award is recognized as the most prestigious business awards in Malaysia that represents the pinnacle of achievement. With an outstanding business performance, TICINO PARIS is honored to be recognized as the Rising Star Company of the year by the Platinum Business Award.