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Cedar Eau De Parfum

CEDAR, an enchanting unisex perfume from the woody fragrance family, embodies the serene essence of cedar wood, creating a captivating aura of tranquility.

Radiating wisdom, you navigate life’s challenges with grace, embracing a subtle approach that mesmerizes those around you.

At the outset, the invigorating blend of orange blossom and grapefruit awakens the senses, promoting freshness, clarity, composure, and harmonious equilibrium.

As time unfolds, the middle notes of spicy pepper and geranium uplift the spirit, infusing an invigorating energy that revitalizes your being.

In the base notes, the allure of Lebanese cedar wood emerges, shrouded in mystery and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression.

CEDAR captures the essence of understated elegance and inner peace. Embrace this fragrance as your personal signature, enthralling others with its captivating mystique. Embody your innate wisdom and radiate an aura of quiet confidence wherever your journey takes you.

CEDAR: Unleash the power of understated elegance and inner peace. Let this fragrance become your signature, captivating others with its irresistible charm. Embrace your innate wisdom and exude a quiet confidence on your journey through life.

Perfume Code: 035

Gender: Unisex

Olfactory Family: Woody

Olfactory Intensity: Soft

Top Note: Orange Blossom and Grapefruit

Middle Note: Spicy Pepper and Geranium

Base Note: Lebanese and Cedar Wood

Remarks: Please accept a slight variation in colour of the perfume, as it is made with natural ingredients and does not contain artificial colouring

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    1. One bottle of 32ml eau de parfum with your message laser-engraved on the perfume bottle.
    2. Your perfume is bundled with a gifting ribbon.

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    *Type in your message to be engraved on the 32ml perfume bottle



    1. One bottle of 32ml eau de parfum with your message laser-engraved on the perfume bottle.
    2. One bottle of 6ml limited edition eau de parfum.
    3. One piece exclusive greeting card that printed the sender's name.
    4. All the above items packed into the luxury designer's gift box and wrapped by exclusive wrapping box.

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    *Message to be engraved on the 32ml perfume bottle

    *Sender's name printed on the exclusive greeting card



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