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Pledges of Love – The Princess Eau de Parfum 42ml

Immerse in the enchanting theme of Pledges of Love”, where “The Prince” and “The Princess” converge in a harmonious fragrance dance. Inspired, our limited edition perfume blends vintage charm with a spherical atomizer and crystal glass. A unique love chemistry unfolds, evoking joy, as the wish cards weave a dreamy love story. With vows sprayed under the night sky, Pledges of Love becomes a timeless blessing, crafting beautiful love memories.

Radiating Love: The Princess Unleashes Romance. Immerse yourself in the ethereal essence of spring with The Princess perfume (for women), where each spritz unveils a floral paradise reminiscent of the season’s first bloom. Opening with the delicate harmony of Damask rose, Himalayan cherry blossom, and invigorating Japanese yuzu, it captures the essence of a tender love story’s beginning – light, fresh, and full of promise.

As the fragrance evolves, deeper layers emerge, weaving a tale of profound emotions. French southern orange blossom, European amber, and the illustrious magnolia blend seamlessly, mirroring the complexities of love as it deepens over time. With each lingering note, The Princess perfume delicately embodies the poetic charm of enduring affection, leaving an enchanting trail wherever it goes.

Remarks: Please accept a slight variation in colour of the perfume, as it is made with natural ingredients and does not contain artificial colouring.

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When unique fragrance elements intertwine in couples’ perfumes, a magical of love chemistry unfolds. Dopamine surges, igniting boundless joy, creating a momentary love magic
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