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Your Trusted Business Partner

Your Trusted Business Partner

Welcome to TICINO Wholesale, a division of TICINO PARIS.

As we expand into the wholesale, we are committed to meeting your business needs and helping you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. With our seamless startup solutions and 0% installment options, launching your own business has never been more accessible.

Embracing our motto “Affordable Luxury”, we offer high-end products at reasonable prices. With over 200,000 bottles of perfume and 50,000 pieces of  jewelry sold, and honored with the Platinum Business Award in Malaysia, our commitment to quality is unmatched. Join us and turn your business aspirations into reality!

Premium eau de toilette (EDT)

Premium EDT perfume is available in 500ml wholesale packs that you can repackage to your desired size and market under your own brand.

“We do not produce inspired perfumes”

Each EDT perfume is uniquely crafted for authenticity and exclusivity, offering a competitive advantage that allows you to stand out, set a compelling price, and attract discerning customers with a distinct fragrance experience.

Our premium EDT perfume features long-lasting scents, made with natural plant-based ingredients, without added artificial coloring and certified non-heavy metals toxic by SGS International.

(Note: TICINO Wholesale EDTs are different grade from TICINO PARIS EDPs.)

Limited edition jewelry

We offer over 1,000 designs of imported designer fashion jewelry, crafted with a 925 silver base, protected by Rhodium layers, and plated with 18k white gold. Each piece is finished with Australian Zircon stones, providing a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Our diverse range of designs allows you to meet the demands and preferences of your customers effortlessly.

Stand out from the competition

Why continue struggling in a pricing battle every day? 

It’s time to break free from the competition and explore the blue ocean market with TICINO Wholesale.

Build your own brand identity by offering quality products at affordable prices. Focus on the middle-upper customer group. Your customers will appreciate the value you bring.

Connect with us

Are you ready to start your own brand & business or expand your sales revenue? WhatsApp us for an appointment to seize this opportunity now.

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