Eau de Parfum

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where perfume being served
This is TICINO PARIS perfume bar concept

The scent is something you can’t quite catch on camera, or in words. However once taken in, a thousand pictures come to live, bubbling emotions you can’t quite describe. Think fresh romance, a golden touch, or your midnight dreams. TICINO PARIS is all about capturing your wildest fantasy and allowing you to be anything you want to be.

In triggering your senses, TICINO PARIS offers a new and modern twist to indulge the luxury of fragrance. The rare fragrance experience — the luxury perfume bar concept inspired by Grasse France, the Capital of Perfumery. Only offering the finest of quality, each bottle is pure Eau de Parfum (EDP) grade which last you over 8 hours scent in an indoor environment.

TICINO PARIS specializes in giving you the best interaction with the creation of your own bottle of perfume, allowing you to handpick fragrance in a bar environment. Discover and indulge in the creativity of these dream makers. Wonder how that feels like? Visit us and breathe in the beautiful alchemy by TICINO PARIS.

We’re not just about creating fragrances that last.

Our perfume expert team has worked hard to ensure that each and every bottle of EDP that’s distributed to our consumers is safe for use. In fact, we using a safe grade plant-based cosmetic alcohol in our concoctions to ensure that skin sensitivity is minimized.

TICINO PARIS perfumes are compliance with Good Manufacture Practices (GMP)

and have been registered with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), a division of the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. You can be assured that our products aren’t just great smelling scents but they’re gentle on the skin too.

Over the years, the purpose of using perfumes has evolved.

More than just a tool for personal hygiene, perfumes are now used by both men and women to enhance their physical qualities.

Be it to lift moods, evoke fond memories or just simply to help your smell really good. Our goal is to continuously create fragrances that delighting your senses.

Today, TICINO PARIS has over 40 types of finest eau de parfum on shelves

a large variety for you to choose from. So feel free to stop by any of our stores, and make your selection. Create and personalize a scent that’s uniquely your own, down to the perfume bottle and size – all for an affordable price.