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Limited edition

Couple's perfume

couple’s perfume

Pledges of love

Immerse yourself in the enchanting theme of Pledges of Love, where “The Prince” and “The Princess” become a harmonious fragrance, outlining a romantic love story. Inspired by this tale, we creates the Pledges of Love perfume, a limited edition fragrance for every loving soul, allowing love to blossom in its aromatic essence.

Tale of The Prince and Princess

In a French château, Prince Alex and Princess Aelia share a legendary love story. Alex, deeply in love with perfumes, crafted the unique “The Princess” fragrance for Aelia. In response to his affection, Aelia reciprocates with the “The Prince” fragrance. Each intersection of fragrances is a dialogue of the soul, adding captivating hues to the castle’s love.

Amidst a melody of romantic music, love vows softly resonate between the Prince and the Princess. “The Prince” fragrance, akin to a tender embrace, exudes elegant woody notes and fresh fruity. Meanwhile, “The Princess” fragrance, like smiling blossoms, carries a refreshing and enchanting aroma.

It's more than perfume

It’s an eternal vow between two souls. Let Pledges of Love perfume be the romantic witness in your love story, with each drop conveying profound love, witnessing the eternal pledge of this romantic love.

The spherical nozzle, presented in a vintage design with an elegant tassel, brings you back to the opulent courts of the Victorian era, like a time machine capturing the beauty of that splendid age.

magic of love

As unique fragrance elements intertwine in couples’ perfume, a skillful alchemy creates a thrilling “love chemical reaction,” igniting a rapid surge of dopamine, summoning captivating moments of “love magic.” It’s as if, in an instant, a wondrous spell is cast, and the fragrance delicately dances in the air—a whisper of love, conveying rich poetic romance.

Crystal-polished glass

The perfume bottle is crafted from exquisite crystal-polished glass, with a clear and translucent texture, akin to pure dewdrops in the morning light.

Add personal touch

Each perfume comes with a special touch – wish cards. Write your heartfelt message on the prepacked wish cards, expressing the depth of your care. It’s not just a bottle of perfume; it’s your personal love pledge.

In this romantic fragrance realm, "Pledges of Love" perfume is a magical encounter, crafting a unique love story for every couple

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