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The Patchouli’s Fragrance

A Patchouli is an aromatic flowering plant which grows in a bush. In summer, a few small pale purples to white flowers will bloom on a Patchouli bush and each bush will grow up to 1 metre high.

The name “Patchouli” mean green leaf as it is a part of the Mint family. The plant is believed native to Southeast Asia and was widely used in 1840 in Europe & Asia.

In ancient China and India, the Patchouli is widely used in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antidepressant and insect repellent. Moreover, a Patchouli could be a supplement in tea which could stimulate our appetite as well as relieve stress.

After being processed, the Patchouli will smell musky, woody, and earthy. As most people fall in love with the unique scent of Patchouli, it accelerates the use of Patchouli in oil, perfumes, incense and cosmetics.

Until today, patchouli is still widely applied in most fragrance products not only because of the unique smell of the plant but also because the scent could last longer when mixed with other ingredients.

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