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The Japanese Yuzu’s Fragrance

Japanese Yuzu, a citrus fruit between lemon & orange is a perfect natural decoration in most Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese Yuzu is originally from China and then brought into Korea and Japan during the Nara periods (710-794 CE). A Japanese Yuzu tree is small but is highly resistant to the cold weather which makes the plant grow in the inland mountain area.

The sweet and fresh aromatic fruit became loved by the Japanese. But, there is only 18% of the juice in a Japanese Yuzu.

Therefore, it becomes a good aromatic ingredient in meals. In medicine, the studies believe that most the citrus fruit including Japanese Yuzu is rich in vitamin C which may encourage the growth of collagen to protect the protein from damage

The unique smell of Japanese Yuzu flowers is an ideal component for feminine perfumes which brings out a bright and confident impression.

Discover the secret of Japanese Yuzu perfume — Clever

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