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Perfume ambassador manager

Perfume ambassador manager

Earn extra incomes

Discover boundless opportunities with the Perfume Ambassador Manager (PAM) program. It’s your gateway to earning extra income effortlessly with our stress-free, flexible approach. Designed for everyone, enjoy the freedom to earn at your own pace and place.

Our mission is to empower you in generating additional income effortlessly with TICINO PARIS perfume. Join PAM today and embark on a rewarding journey filled with unparalleled benefits!

What makes PAM special

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You earn extra income

Besides enjoying all the benefits of PA, as a PAM, you gain an extra 200% value on products, earn recurring PA credits by overriding your team members’ purchases, earn profits by selling our high-quality jewelry, and enjoy the exclusive higher commission for PAMs.

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You receive extra 200% value on products

You will receive a total value of RM9,456 worth of items with PAM package (joining product) priced at RM2,999 only

How to join PAM

Online purchase 1 set of PAM package and fill in your bank details for receiving future cash commissions at the checkout page (if never join PA/PAM before); then proceed with the payment.
WhatsApp us
Send in your order to us for stock arrangement; our customer service team will get in touch with you.
All set
You are all set to kickstart your PAM business.
Or share your thoughts with us via WhatsApp.
Our dedicated customer service is ready to support you daily from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Perfume Ambassador (PA) Program?

PA is an online affiliate program. It is a mutually beneficial partnership that provides equal benefits and opportunities to all members. Our aim of PA is to provide a platform for everyone to generate extra Cash Income and enjoy a better life.

“Earn By Sharing, Save By Own Purchase”

What are the benefits of Perfume Ambassador (PA) or Perfume Ambassador Manager (PAM)?

The PA Program is your gateway to a world of luxury fragrances to enjoy exciting opportunities. You will become an expert in our exquisite scents, unlocking exclusive rewards and exceptional benefits on perfume and jewelry. What’s more, it empowers you to effortlessly generate extra cash income anytime, anywhere, simply by sharing your love for perfumes.

Join and pave the way for a better tomorrow! Accelerate your earnings by joining now.

“Earn By Sharing, Save By Own Purchase”

How to Join PA / PAM Program?

Step 1: Visit TICINO PARIS’s official website at www.ticino-paris.com and purchase your startup product.

  • PA: Purchase any 32ml perfume or Perfume Travel Kits.
  • PAM: Purchase the PAM package.

Step 2: Select the above items accordingly, and remember to fill out your bank information to receive a cash commission at the checkout page. Proceed with the payment when ready. Successful payment signifies completed registration, and your unique link and QR code will automatically appear on your account dashboard.

Note: For PAM – Our eCommerce team will send you the PAM order form via WhatsApp after receiving your confirmation order.

Are there any special benefits to joining as a PA through the PA or PAM affiliate link?

Absolutely! Brace yourself for an amazing surprise! Purchase the ‘Startup Product’ through the PA referral link and join as a PA to enjoy ‘One-Time Exclusive Deals,’ where you’ll receive exclusive luxurious gifts as showcased on our website.

Note: ‘One-Time Exclusive Deals’ are valid only for the ‘Startup Product’ and in a single order when joining as a PA.

I seldom wear perfume, will the PA / PAM program benefit me?

The PA program is a platform that provides equal opportunities for everyone. Even if you’re new to the world of fragrances, you’ll experience substantial advantages. Additionally, you can acquire valuable perfume expertise to enhance your personal image while effortlessly increasing your income through sharing, paving the way for a brighter future.

Why choose TICINO PARIS perfume?
  1. The TICINO PARIS perfume is an EDP grade long-lasting perfume
  2. Non-Heavy Metal Toxic Certified by SGS International Laboratory
  3. Natural Plant-based Ingredients
  4. High-Quality and do not contain artificial coloring
  5. Wide range of unique perfumes to suit various preferences and occasions
  6. Affordable Luxury
Do I need to pay any fees to join the program?

Absolutely not. Simply purchase the PA Startup Product or the PAM Package, and register yourself as a PA or PAM member to unlock fantastic benefits and rewards.

Do you provide a 0% instalment plan?

Yes, we offer a 0% instalment plan. You can enjoy up to 4 months 0% instalment plan with Grab PayLater or 3 months 0% instalment plan with ShopBack PayLater from our official website.

How to recruit new members quickly and effectively?

Perfume Travel Kits can help you achieve more with less effort. With a variety of fragrances available, it’s easy for your buddies to make an instant decision to place an order and join as PA or PAM members.

Our PA and PAM program is easy to join, no prior experience or special skills required. Share your personal experience with TICINO PARIS perfumes, highlight the benefits of joining, attach your unique link to the marketing materials we have prepared for you, and actively share to recruit new members among your friends, family, and on social media.

How does the commission system work?

Exclusive for PAM members only:

  • When you successfully recruit a new PAM member, cash commissions are earned instantly as follows:

1st new PAM member : RM300.

2nd new PAM member : RM400.

3rd new PAM member or more : RM500.

Commission calculations are cut off on a monthly basis.

  • Sparkle with style! Wholesale your favourite pieces from the Exclusive Limited Collection, starting from just one piece. Be your own boss and become the Queen of Jewelry Accessories today!
  • Earn recurring PA Credits whenever your team members complete a purchase. The accumulated valid PA Credits can be redeemed for a jewelry e-coupon every December of the year. Exchange every RM300 in PA Credit for a jewelry e-coupon worth RM300.

For PA and PAM members:

For every new PA member registration completed using your link, you earn a RM40 CASH commission.

Additionally, every own-purchase of RM100 nett in a single order made through your PA link or QR will reward you with RM10 in PA Credit.

This PA Credit can be applied toward your next purchase of regular-priced products, excluding shipping fees. The maximum redemption limit is RM30 PA Credit per single checkout.

The PA Credit is valid for 60 days from the date of generation. If you wish to extend the activation for an additional 60 days, you can simply make any purchase during the current PA Credit active period.

When can I start earning my cash commission?

Once registration is completed, you can start using your unique link or QR to recruit new members and earn cash commissions.

What is the payment timeline for my cash commission?

Your cash commission will be payout on a monthly basis. Commission payouts are released after the 15th of each month to your bank account. You will be notified through email and your PA account dashboard once the payment is out. Minimum commission payout is RM150.00  Accumulated commission which is below RM150 for 12 continuous calendar months will be automatically forfeited without prior notice or liability.

Do I need any skill to recruit new members?

Our program is easy to join, requiring no prior experience or special skills to recruit new members. Explore our FAQ section, where you can find answers to any questions you or your buddies may have.

A superior product speaks for itself, especially when paired with a well-established, comprehensive business model and an ‘Attracting Butterflies Effect’ that encourages people to actively use your unique link or QR, gaining PA membership privileges and joining as your new members.

PA and PAM programs empower you to effortlessly generate extra income anytime, anywhere, allowing you to build a better life.

How will Ticino Paris support me?

We offer a variety of e-marketing materials accessible on your account dashboard to assist you in recruiting new members. Simply attach your unique link and QR, and share these e-marketing materials with your family, relatives, friends, and on social media platforms to recruit new members and earn cash commissions.

TICINO PARIS Dedicated Support Teams are always by your side.  You can reach us on WhatsApp at 60122120961 or via email [email protected]

Did you provide a Scent Tester for me to choose my favourite scent?

Scent Testers are available on our official website allowing you to select your favourite perfume, you may place order on it. Additionally, each perfume comes with detailed descriptions, including ingredients, fragrance notes, imagery, overall impressions, and even visual representations through photos, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of each fragrance.

How do I track my performance and account details?

Visit our official website at www.ticino-paris.com and log in to your account dashboard using your approved username and password. Your account dashboard provides a real-time overview of your performance, rewards and the list of members you have recruited, helping you track and analyse progress anytime, anywhere.

Why isn't my buddy's purchase reflected in my commission earnings?

There are several reasons why it might have happened:

– He / she did not complete their registration;

– He / she has cancelled their order;

– He / she did not purchase through your unique link or QR;

Feel free to contact our dedicated support teams for detailed information.

Any renewal fees for my PA or PAM membership?

No, you are not required to renew your PA or PAM membership. Just keep it active to be eligible for earning Cash Commissions.

How to keep my PA or PAM account active?

The activation date and status of your PA or PAM account are visible on your account dashboard.

For PA, during the activation period, to keep your PA account active for 12 consecutive calendar months, make at least one self-purchase via the TICINO PARIS official website using your unique PA link or QR. You can purchase any TICINO PARIS product except for Scent Tester and Scent Tester Kits.

For PAM, ensure the continued activity of your account by making a self-purchase during the activation period of any PAM package through the TICINO PARIS official website by using your unique PA link or QR to extend the activity for another 12 consecutive calendar months. if your account is deactivated, the system will automatically untag and permanently remove all your team members from your account.

For PA and PAM, failing to make a self-purchase during the activation period will result in automatic deactivation after the specified activation date on your respective account dashboard. If your account is deactivated, you will not be eligible to earn commissions. However, your PA Credit, Jewelry e-coupon balance, and rewards for your future purchases will still be maintained as usual.

Do I need to do order fulfillments?

You don’t need to handle any order fulfillments; TICINO PARIS e-commerce team will take care of everything. You are free to enjoy a perfect work-life balance and generate your PA commissions anytime and anywhere you like, without any additional work or responsibilities required.

Am I eligible to receive PA or PAM commissions for my startup product?

Your startup product(s) serve as your entry ticket to the PA or PAM program, not eligible for commissions.

What additional benefits will I get by joining PA?

You can enjoy wholesale prices for Exclusive Limited-Edition Jewelry items from TICINO PARIS and embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

How is my personal information being handled?

Please refer to the terms and conditions page on our website for more information on our Privacy Notice.

What happens if I violate the regulations or terms and conditions of PA program?

If you violate the regulations or terms and conditions of the TICINO PARIS Partnership (PA) program, TICINO PARIS PERFUMERY SDN BHD has the right to immediately suspend or terminate your PA account and forfeit all PA commissions due to you.

Intellectual Property Rights:

TICINO PARIS PERFUMERY SDN BHD retains all intellectual property rights related to the TICINO PARIS Partnership Program (PA), including but not limited to trademarks, logos, and proprietary materials. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of these intellectual property rights is strictly prohibited.

Account Suspension or Termination:

TICINO PARIS PERFUMERY SDN BHD reserves the right to suspend or terminate any PA account without prior notice if any violation of program terms and conditions is identified. This includes but is not limited to fraudulent activities, misuse of the PA platform, or non-compliance with the program guidelines.

Commission Payments:

TICINO PARIS PERFUMERY SDN BHD has the right to determine the commission payment structure and rates for the PA program. The company also reserves the right to modify or adjust the commission structure at its discretion.

Program Amendments:

TICINO PARIS PERFUMERY SDN BHD reserves the right to amend, modify, or update any part of the TICINO PARIS Partnership Program (PA), including regulations, terms, conditions, commissions, models, and FAQs.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

All PA members are required to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines while participating in the program. TICINO PARIS PERFUMERY SDN BHD reserves the right to take appropriate action, including legal recourse, against any member found to be in violation of applicable laws or engaging in unethical practices.

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