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Certified Non-Heavy Metals Toxic

Nowadays the heavy metals contents commonly found in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products including lipstick, whitening gel, eyeliner, nail colour, perfume and so on.

Some heavy metals contents are intentionally added as ingredients, while others are contaminants. Exposure to the heavy metals contents have been linked to health concerns including reproductive, immune, and nervous system toxicity. Most heavy metals contents in cosmetic products are:

ANTIMONY – High exposure will cause irritation of the eyes, skin, and lungs.

ARSENIC – High exposure will cause vomiting, disturbances of the blood circulation, damage to the nervous system.
CADMUIM – High exposure will cause chills, fever, and muscle pain.

LEAD – High exposure will cause anemia, weakness, kidney & brain damage.

MERCURY – High exposure will cause tremors, insomnia, memory loss, headaches and cognitive.

At TICINO PARIS, our eau de parfum not only been registered with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) of Malaysia but also successfully passed the rigorous testing conducted by the international laboratory testing company – SGS and certified non-heavy metals toxic in our eau de parfum  (Test Report CRSSA/200843702/CA43303).

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