What Your Scents Saying About You?

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Choosing a fragrance is a lot like choosing a Facebook profile picture. You want something that accurately represents you, doesn't turn people off and is almost too good to be true. Scents, like people, have personality and can evoke specific feelings. Some you want to be around more than others, some are for certain occasions and others are the perfect complement to your signature style.

You are what you smell like. Here's what you are really saying with your scent.


The woman who wears a musky scent is not unlike a 1950s screen siren: mysterious, curious and always one step ahead of everyone else. Like a modern-day version of Rita Hayworth, this girl prefers patchouli notes for their evocative effect. She draws you in with her artful mind and quick, direct tongue.

She is elegantly draped in fur and long evening gloves, and she loves a good vintage find. She feels sentimentality is worth more than monetary values. If you've got history, you'll make history with her.



Floral scents are for the woman who is happy, free and always lighting up a room. Her ideal vacation is some place warm, sunny and easy-going — much like her disposition. Floral lovers, like their flowery notes, are strong ladies. Not only can you smell them from a mile away, but you can also hear them coming. She dresses chicly, donning silk and crêpe fabrics tailored to perfection.

Women who prefer floral perfumes treat themselves well, so make sure you can keep up. Freshly cut bouquets, polished shoes and beautifully decorated homes are her favorite things. It doesn't matter if you can't afford her because this girl cannot be bought. Unless, of course, it's Positano.



If this girl were a song, she'd be OutKast's “So Fresh, So Clean,” because she always smells refreshingly bright. The fresh scented woman is vibrant and charming. And much like her laundered scent, you cannot get enough of her.

These women are welcomed wherever they go — they dazzle on the dance floor, run the show at work and cherish their female friendships. They practically breeze through life. She dresses sharply in crisp, luxe labels. Anna Wintour would be impressed. A fresh-smelling girl, like her signature scent, is there for life. She'll accompany her partner to any event, is down for almost anything and always smells good while doing it!


The fruity girl is your partner-in-crime. She's always in for a party, new scene or adventurous journey. She is carefree, playful and bubbly, which makes her a wonderful addition to any circle of friends. When your Netflix account is down or you're feeling insecure about your tuna lunch, you can count on her to lighten the mood and inject a little fun into your day.

The tasty smells of berries and tropics mean she doesn't take herself too seriously. She appreciates a strong drink — preferably one with a paper umbrella in it.

She looks great in wrap skirts and maxi dresses. She can be a total tease, enrapturing men with her intoxicating, familiar scent and then just as easily moving on to the next one. If you want to be her plus one, you're going to have to wait until she's ripe and in season.



This woman like her signature perfume, is timeless. She's sophisticated, polished and refined. She's like Gatsby's Daisy — seductive, desirable and terribly intriguing, mimicking the notes of bergamot and neroli she leaves in her wake. The classic woman enjoys the finer things in life like lavish dinner parties, luxurious hotels and Paris.

She's totally put together. Imposters, beware! From a phony accent to a poorly constructed blazer, she can spot a fake from a mile away and won't be afraid to tell you so. This cosmopolitan lady doesn't need a man to show her the world — she's a posh getaway all on her own.



This woman is ethereal and addictive. When you're having a bad day, you can't get enough of her innocent humor and exhilarating personality. She's optimistic about everything – even that sketchy bar in the back alley.

The sweet girl is the center of attention, drawing people in with her cotton-candy childishness and youthful charisma. She likes lace, bows and jewelry that stands out just as much as she does. If you want to feel like a kid again, she's your go-to girl. She can be a total girly-girl, preferring to be silly with her gal pals than play it cool with the guys.

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