The ylang-ylang’s fragrance

Ylang-ylang is a highly valued essence both in perfumery for the power of flowery notes and in aromatherapy for its action on the nervous system in all symptoms derived from stress. 

The original home of Ylang-ylang is probably in South East Asia. However, it is now naturalized in Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. The tree requires a moist tropical climate and grows well in rich volcanic soils or fertile sandy loams.

It grows both in vine and tree form. The vine bears flowers early and more blooms with fragrance in the evening when the flowers get yellow. But both are slow growers.

Steam distillation is a preferred method for the extraction of ylang-ylang oil. The ylang-ylang oil is highly appreciated in perfumery because of its delightfully sweet, heavenly and strong odor.

Ylang-ylang oil is normally available in four grades, namely extra, first, second and third. Extra grade oil is extensively used in high quality fragrances which is TICINO PARIS preferences.


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