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The Morocco Tangerine’s Fragrance

Morocco tangerine is a juicy citrus fruit. This intensively orange-coloured variance of fruit was named after the port of Tanger in Morocco, from which it was exported to Europe in 1840 for the first time.

At the beginning the fruit was called Tangerine Orange but then the name was cut just to Tangerine. Today, the juicy citrus fruit is cultivating widely in Morocco.

In general, Morocco tangerines are much sweeter than their other citrus relatives, but their flavor varies from sort to sort and may range from very sweet to almost spicy and tart.

Morocco tangerines are distinguished by their bright orange skin that peels off easily, and fleshy inner segments full of sugary fruit juice.

Morocco tangerines fragrance oil is equally valued in perfume manufacturing where it makes great addition to floral compositions and colognes. The fragrance oil is distinguished by its sensual and floral, neroli-like trail. This uplifting and sensual scent blends nicely with other citrus oils as well as with spice oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. The scent is very relaxing and calming.

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