Delighting Your Senses


It's more than a slogan but also our purpose in everything we do here at TICINO PARIS. We create two of the world's most delightful things - jewelries and perfumes, at delightful prices, to delight you as our customer.

At the same time, we are more than just a creator. TICINO PARIS is also a 360 degrees business model, specializing in franchise marketing and retail innovation. Our retail expertise and constant innovation benefits from a close relationship of members with the Malaysian Franchise Association and Malaysia Retailers Association, and keeps us as a front-runner in retail market opportunities and trends.

How are TICINO PARIS perfumes different from the rest? We're glad you asked. The delighting of your senses - as our brand motto goes - begins from our team of experts, who strive to ensure that each bottle of our Eau De Parfum (EDP) does not only great smell - but safe to use as well. Their dedication has resulted in our over 40 types of quality EDP fragrances, all of which comprise the finest mixtures from Grasse, France, the world's Capital of Perfumes. Additionally, we believe that a good bottle of perfume doesn't end at the experts - for what better way to find the right scent, than by personalizing it yourself? That's why we created the perfume bar, a place where you get to create a perfume that is uniquely you, from the scent to the bottle!


At TICINO PARIS, jewelry is yet another aspect of our company that will make you look and feel stunning. Our collections consist of lovingly and expertly handcrafted jewelry, some of which feature the ever outstanding Swarovski crystals. In fact, we are a recognized supplier of the Swarovski Crystals Becharmed collection, so you can rest assured that the sparkling new addition to your family is always the real deal.



For something a little different, we also take pride in our Designer Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry collection, which has each luxurious design coated in white gold for that extra touch of glam. We believe in forming a close bond with your twinkling possessions, which begins with having our designers delivering their final masterpieces straight to you.

While both collections are distinctly different, two elements tie them under the TICINO PARIS roof, ornaments that glimmer with sophisticated elegance and a wide range of designs that suit every occasion you can imagine.

Whether you're set for a casual cafe shopping day or getting ready for a big night out, there is a TICINO PARIS masterpiece ready to fit right in.