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At Ticino Paris, we take great pride in preparing a sensory experience tailored to help you discover the perfect scent for you and your loved ones! All our fragrances are brought to you straight from the world’s Capital of Perfumes; Grasse. The epi-center of the French perfume industry, Grasse is a town with a reputation for great perfumes since the end of the 16th century. Even today, it’s a landmark that represents and celebrates over 5,000 years of perfumery history and technique evolution!

It is this very rich heritage, tradition and expertise that inspired the Ticino Paris’ Perfume Bar concept and our sensory experience that awaits you!

The Perfume Bar Experience

Step 1 – Explore the possibilities

Drop by any of our Perfume Bars to indulge in over 40 Eau de Parfums created with you and your loved ones in mind.

Step 2 – Discover your scent
Consult our Perfume advisors to find the perfect combination of ingredients for a Eau De Parfum that is truly and perfectly yours.

Step 3 – Enjoy skin-safe, longer lasting scents
All our Eau De Parfum are specially formulated to be gentle on your skin, but create scents that last up to 8 hours indoors. 

Try Our Best Sellers

Fruity, floral and fresh! It’s a gentle, soft scent for a refreshing presence that’ll keep you and everyone around you relaxed and smiling through everything.

Put some zest and spring back into your step with Challenge. An aromatic citrus-based fragrance, this Eau De Parfum is your go-to-scent to feel young, sporty and energetic all day long.

Discover a scent that unlocks a bolder, more confident and sexier you! A rich, floral and sensual perfume; SEDUIRE is the perfect Eau De Parfum for all your big dates and social events.

Deliciously young and fruity, the Party Queen fragrance brings together the scents of mandarin, pear and wild berries; completed with the gentle floral notes of jasmine and creamy flowers!

To ensure that everyone can enjoy using wonderful our Eau De Parfums, we’ve also prepared different premium Ticino Paris box sets to cater for different budgets and needs too! Our bottles are available in various sizes: 17ml and 32ml.