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Perfume engraving

Corporate gift

Corporate gift

exceed your clients' expectations

Experience personalization with our Perfume Engraving Corporate Gift service. Your clients’ wishes, messages, and brand logo are expertly laser-engraved onto our exquisitely crafted perfume bottles, each filled with our unique eau de parfum.

Create something truly one-of-a-kind and guarantee the recipient’s joy and surprise.

Perfume engraving full set

This deluxe gift set features a 32ml eau de parfum bottle with a laser-engraved message or logo, along with a bonus 6ml limited edition fragrance. Your personal touch is added with the sender’s name printed on a laminated greeting card.

Everything is elegantly presented in a hard-covered designer gift box for a luxurious look, topped off with an exclusive wrapping box for that perfect finishing touch.

Perfume engraving full set, MOQ from 10 units.

Perfume engraving 32ml

It includes one bottle of any 32ml eau de parfum with your message or logo laser-engraved on the perfume bottle. Your perfume is elegantly bundled with a gifting ribbon.

Perfume engraving 32ml, MOQ from 10 units.

Perfume engraving 10ml

It includes one bottle of any 10ml eau de parfum with your message or logo laser-engraved on the perfume bottle.

Perfume engraving 10ml, MOQ from 10 units.

Why ticino paris perfume

Award-winning brand, recipient of the Platinum Business Award in Malaysia

Widely accepted with over 200,000 bottles of perfume sold. More than 25 selections of perfume, you can meet your clients’ diverse needs

State-of-the-art laser engraving technology to create permanent engravings without tearing

Long-lasting eau de parfum (EDP), premium grade with a minimum duration of 8 hours in indoor conditions

Natural plant-based ingredients, no added colouring

Certified non-heavy metals toxic by SGS International

We help you grow your business

Wholesale price

Starting with a small quantity, you can enjoy wholesale prices and generate a good profit

Stand out in a competitive

Present an exceptional and distinctive personalized perfume engraving gift set to create a memorable impression and attract your clients

Ease your cash flows

0% installment with GrabPay and ShopBack, no minimum spend

Fast shipping

We ship out your order within 48 hours* after receiving confirmation order


What is the TPP program?

TICINO PARIS Partnership (TPP) is an online affiliate program. It is a mutually beneficial partnership that provides equal benefits and opportunities to all members. Our aim of TPP is to provide a platform for everyone to generate extra income and enjoy a better life.

TPP has a well-established comprehensive business model, and an ‘Attracting Butterflies Effect’ model that attracts people to actively use your unique TPP link to gain TPP membership privileges and join as your new TPP members.

No matter where you are, TPP empowers you to effortlessly generate extra income anytime, anywhere.  Embrace the incredible surprise of TPP – Earn CASH commissions through sharing, even for your own use.

Unleash your full potential and step into a bright future. Join TPP and pave the way for a better tomorrow! Accelerate your earnings by joining now.

“Earning By Sharing, Saving By Own Use.”

How to join the TPP program?

Step 1: Login to TICINO PARIS’s official website www.ticino-paris.com and purchase TPP startup product (32ml or 10ml perfume)

With TPP link:

Purchase any 1 bottle of 32ml or 10ml perfume.

Without TPP link:

Purchase any 2 bottles of 32ml or 10ml perfume in a single transaction.

Step 2: After purchase, you will receive an invitation email from us to join the TPP program.  Follow the simple steps in the email to register yourself as a TPP member.  Once completely registered, your unique TPP link and code will be automatically displayed on your account dashboard.

I seldom wear perfume, will the TPP program benefit me?

The TPP program is a mutually beneficial partnership that provides equal opportunities for all members. Your participation extends beyond perfume; it offers a platform that can help you generate extra income and build a better life.

Why choose TICINO PARIS perfume?
  1. The TICINO PARIS perfume is an EDP-grade long-lasting perfume
  2. Non-Heavy Metal Toxic Certified by SGS International Laboratory Test
  3. High-Quality Plant-based Ingredients
  4. Natural and do not contain artificial colouring
  5. Wide range of perfumes to suit various preferences and occasions
  6. Affordable Luxury: Affordable price to enjoy the high quality perfume
Do I need to pay any fees to join the TPP program?

Absolutely nothing. Purchase any TICINO PARIS 32ml or 10ml Perfume and register yourself as TPP member to get fantastic TPP benefits.  Let me share with you an open secret, perfume in 32ml saves even more. 

How to recruit new TPP members quickly and effectively?

Perfume Travel Kits can help you achieve more with less effort. With a variety of fragrances available, it’s easy for your buddies to make an instant decision to place an order and join as TPP members.

TPP is easy to join does not require any prior experience or special skills. Which means you can easily recruit new TPP members too!

We firmly believe that each member possesses unique fragrance experiences and stories that are absolutely priceless.

Share your heartfelt thoughts on social media, among friends, or at offline gatherings. Embrace the opportunity to authentically share your fragrance journey. Your genuine stories hold incredible persuasive power, effortlessly attracting new members.

Share the allure of your favorite TICINO PARIS perfume and how it brings transformations, image enhancement, confidence, and joy to your life.

Share your story of serendipity that led you to TICINO PARIS exquisite fragrances.

Share the reasons you joined TPP and the amazing benefits. Let your genuine enthusiasm inspire others to join and enjoy the extraordinary advantages.

Share why you choose TICINO PARIS fragrances and highlight their remarkable advantages.

Keep up the great work, unleash your full potential, attach your unique TPP link, and actively share to pave the way for a better life! 

Do you provide a 0% instalment plan?

Yes, we offer a 0% instalment plan. You can enjoy up to 4 months 0% instalment plan with Grab PayLater or 3 months 0% instalment plan with ShopBack PayLater.

How does the commission work?

You earn RM80 CASH commission for every two new TPP registrations completed under your unique TPP link, with cut-offs done on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, for every self-purchase of RM100 net in a single receipt made through your unique TPP link, you will also earn RM10 CASH commission.

When can I start earning my TPP cash commission?

Once registration is completed, you can start using your unique TPP link to recruit new TPP members and earn commissions.

What is the payment timeline for my TPP commission?

Your TPP cash commission will be payout on a monthly basis. Payments are generated at the beginning of the next month and payouts are released after the 15th of each month to your bank account. You will be notified through email and your TPP account dashboard once the payment is out. Minimum commission payout is RM120. Accumulated commission which is below RM120 for 12 continuous calendar months will be automatically forfeited without prior notice or liability.

Do I need any skill to recruit new TPP members? How will Ticino Paris support me?

Our TPP program is easy to join, requiring no prior experience or special skills to recruit new TPP members. Take a look at our FAQ section, which will answer any questions you or your buddies may have.

We provide a variety of marketing materials, including comprehensive TPP video explanations, available on your TPP account dashboard to assist you in recruiting new TPP members. Attach your unique TPP link and share marketing materials with your family, relatives, friends, and on social media platforms to recruit new TPP members and earn cash commissions.

A good product speaks for itself, especially when coupled with a well-established comprehensive business model, and an ‘Attracting Butterflies Effect’ model that attracts people to actively use your unique TPP link to gain TPP membership privileges and join as your new TPP members.

TPP empowers you to effortlessly generate extra income anytime, anywhere to build a better life and enjoy work-life balance.

TICINO PARIS Dedicated Support Teams are always beside you.  You can reach us at WhatsApp 6012 212 0961 or email [email protected]

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance. We are always here, ready to support you and lend a helping hand.

Did you provide a Scent Tester for me to choose my favourite scent?

Yes, Scent Testers are available on our official website. You can choose your favourite scent by using the Scent Tester. Furthermore, each perfume is accompanied by a comprehensive description of its ingredients, fragrance profile, overall sensations, and even visual representations through photos, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the perfume.

How do I track my performance and account details?

Visit our official website at www.ticino-paris.com and login to your TPP account dashboard using your approved username and password. Your TPP dashboard provides a real-time overview of your performance and the list of TPP members you have recruited, helping you to track and analyse progress anytime and anywhere.

Why isn't my buddy's purchase reflected in my TPP commission earnings?

There are several reasons why it might have happened:

– He / she did not complete their TPP registration steps;

– He / she has cancelled their order;

– He / she did not purchase through your unique TPP link;

Feel free to contact our dedicated support teams for detailed information.

Do I need to renew my TPP membership?

No, there is no expiration for TPP membership. Just keep it active to be eligible for earning TPP commissions.

How to keep my TPP account active?

The activation date and status of your TPP account are displayed on your account dashboard.

During the activation period of your TPP account, you just need to make at least one self-purchase via the TICINO PARIS official website using your unique TPP link. You can purchase any TICINO PARIS product except for Scent Tester and Scent Tester Kits. This will keep your TPP account active for 12 consecutive calendar months.

If you do not make a self-purchase during the activation period of your TPP account, your account will be automatically deactivated after the activation date stated on your TPP account dashboard.

Do I need to do order fulfillments? Where is my workplace?

You don’t need to handle any order fulfillments, as the TICINO PARIS e-commerce team will take care of everything. You are free to enjoy a perfect work-life balance and generate your TPP commissions anytime and anywhere you like, without any additional work or responsibilities required.

Am I eligible to receive TPP commissions for my TPP startup product?

Your startup product(s) serve as your entry ticket to the TPP program, not eligible for commissions.

What additional benefits will I get by joining TPP?

You can wholesale Exclusive Limited-Edition Jewelry from TICINO PARIS and embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

How is my personal information being handled?

Please refer to the terms and conditions page on our website for more information on our Privacy Notice.

What happens if I violate the regulations or terms and conditions of the TICINO PARIS Partnership (TPP) program?

If you violate the regulations or terms and conditions of the TICINO PARIS Partnership (TPP) program, TICINO PARIS PERFUMERY SDN BHD has the right to immediately suspend or terminate your TPP account and forfeit all TPP commissions due to you.

Let's talk

Whether you are a wholesaler, agency, event organizer, or purchaser, just share your thoughts with us. We are delighted to enlighten you further. 

Our dedicated customer service is available from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm.

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