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Apart from my obsession towards fashion and makeup, I am also crazy about fragrances. I love to smell nice because it makes me happy and boosts my confidence at the same time which is part of the reason why I love to wear perfume.

A good perfume allows me to express my mood and true personality through the scent. Currently I am in love with a perfume brand called TICINO PARIS, they are an independent perfume brand creates remarkable and quality fragrances.

TICINO PARIS shop’s design is that of a bar and I find the concept is interesting and unique. Instead of serving alcohol, they are serving perfume.

When it comes to perfume, I prefer Eau De Parfum (EDP) because it has a higher level of concentration and a smell that will last longer. However, from my experience EDP mostly tends to not be budget friendly. At TICINO PARIS, they only sell high quality perfume like EDP to consumers at an affordable price which is just what I am looking for.

TICINO PARIS also offers numerous types of scents for women and men to choose from depending on personal preference such as floral, fruity, woody, citrus and spicy. I personally love floral and fruity scents so I decided to go with BLEU MOON.

It has a beautifully feminine scent which begins with top notes of bright orange and bergamot, followed by a touch of orange blossom, juicy pear, delicate white bouquet of ylang ylang, lily and jasmine and sitting on the base note of amber, sandalwood and white musk. I absolutely adore it.

The packaging of TICINO PARIS perfume is simple yet elegant. It comes in a glass cylinder bottle with an information card that contains perfume application, description and ingredients and has two different sizes to offer which are 17 ml and 32 ml. The size is certainly a perfect companion for your handbag and for use when travelling.

Additionally, the small size allows you to explore more collections of fragrances and the option to have more fragrances is ideal for mood changing and various occasions. For example, you will not want to use the same fragrance that is suitable for the day time for your date night because different fragrances match different occasions.

I totally love TICINO PARIS perfume and without a doubt, I recommend this perfume brand to everyone reading this. If you are looking for a gift for him or her, TICINO PARIS will be a perfect idea because of the diverse range of fragrances, great size and exquisite quality at an affordable price.


Soon TICINO PARIS will be rolling out a ‘make your own fragrance’ service where you can come down to the store and build your very own unique fragrance for yourself or a loved one.

My boyfriend also decided to get one, his favorite is SPIRIT. It is an oriental woody scent that’s composed of the top notes of bergamot, violet left; flowing into middle notes of vetiver, woody notes, sandalwood, amber, cashmere wood, rounded out with base notes of benzoin, musk, Tonka bean and white honey. This fragrance brings out a fresh, warm and sensual aroma that builds confidence and enhances masculinity.

Looking for something other than a fragrance? TICINO PARIS also sells jewelry, so while leaving the shop smelling your best, you can leave with a stylish new accessory to compliment your wonderful new smell.

For further information, you can drop by to TICINO PARIS outlets in Setia City Mall & The Mines or visit www.ticino-paris.com . In case you already know your favorite scent, online shopping is also now available at their website.


Article and photos credit to http://elviraedison.com/ticino-paris-perfume-review/