The Differences Between Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne

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In fact it is pretty simple. When we create a perfume, we define its concentration in raw materials depending on the fragrance’s personality and style. The more the perfume is concentrated, the longer it will last on your skin! The difference between EDC, EDT and EDP is therefore mainly related to their concentration in raw materials. For information, the persistence of a fragrance on your skin is also directly influenced by its ingredients: some of them, like sweet ingredients for instance, will naturally make the perfume last longer on your skin.


The Eau de Cologne is a very light fragrance. Concentration 1% - 8% commonly, generally simple and for both women and men that we wear in summer or to make sport. Eau de Cologne is often made of citrus fruits, which explain the tonic side of the fragrances that belong to the citrus olfactory family. Its smell lasting is about 2 hours.


The Eau de Toilette is more concentrated compare with Eau de Cologne. Concentration 8% - 15% commonly found in perfumery markets. Its light wake lasting about 4 hours, while it varies from skin to skin and depends of course on the quantity of perfume sprayed.


The Eau de Parfum is more concentrated in raw materials and therefore more precious than the Eau de Toilette. Concentration 15% - 30% commonly and perfectly for your daily life. It's smell will last about 6 hours in an indoor conditions, and be noteworthy by its delicacy.


So now you know the difference between EDC, EDT and EDP? What kind of perfume's grade are you wearing now? Discover more from TICINO PARIS Perfume Bar, over 40 types of imported Eau de Parfum with concentration more than 30% are ready to serve you. We live for delighting your senses!