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This might be bold, but it holds a certain truth

Fragrance gives us a personality and daring us to become what we wish to be. It transcends moments, allowing you to relive some of the best moments of your life with distinct details and that’s the reason why TICINO PARIS – an award-winning company place such importance to ensure each fragrance inspire the mind to travel through time and place, triggering some of your deepest emotions if you embrace it fully. Breathe in deeply and take it all in.

TICINO PARIS is not only speaks of the people and creator that love perfume

but also of the ideas, dreams and desires. We aim to reinvent the perfume experience together with our customers through the luxurious perfume bar concept – where you got to bottle your own signature fragrance.

We're Growing
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TICINO PARIS has been making own mark by combining our vision and tender sensibility towards the details of luxury with an indulgent sense of nostalgia, ever since launch.

Our creations are not limited to fragrances though, outside the art of scent, jewelry is also part of our pride and soul.

Unleash another side of yours with fragrance and jewelry wishing for something creative and inspiring, a story of your own can be crafted here. Each bottle tells a story everyone can interpret in their own way, based on their own experience.

The moment you step in TICINO PARIS, you’re in for delighting senses. We’ll be delighted to enlighten you with more details, please do not hesitate to contact us now!